In February, 2017, I will be leading a course in the Italian Dolomites, detailing all the ins and outs of being an adventure sport photographer. We'll spend some 'classroom' time at the hotel, but a good portion of our days will be spent outside, discussing techniques and shooting together. I'll be giving both commercial and editorial mock assignments, followed up by collaborative critiques. This will be a bit like trying to cram all of my photography degree into one week, in an incredible setting, while having a ton of fun!

Although many of the techniques we'll discus pertain to most aspects of adventure sport photography, given the season, this workshop will be skiing-focused. Participants need to be strong skiers, in good physical condition and have a good understanding of backcountry skiing. We'll have a pro skier to work with for the duration of the workshop. 

This workshop is being held in the Italian Dolomites due to their sheer beauty, incredible accessibility and warm, Italian hospitality. We might be ski bums at heart, but we won't be sleeping in our vans or in a hostel in Italy. This workshop will be held at the 4-star Hotel Monzoni, which has incredible food and a spa. George Clooney even stayed there once (wow)!